Hi, I'm Josh.  

I'm asking for your support to represent the Bench and Southwest Boise in City Council Seat 3.  I will build trust in city government, deliver services equitably to all of Boise, and make housing more affordable while preserving our neighborhood character.  Let me know what's on your mind.

My Priorities

Bring our voice to City Hall and services to our neighborhoods

Political power in Boise has been concentrated in a few parts of town and services are distributed the same way. Many residents are miles away from city parks, libraries, community centers, summer childcare, and pools. I'll work toward a more equitable city.

Keep our community safe

Support our police.  Address the staffing shortages in the police department by respecting our employees and providing accountable leadership. Maintain our public spaces for their intended uses.

Reduce the cost of housing

Bring supply in line with demand by building in new neighborhoods downtown and on empty land to the southeast. Our city won't become more affordable by redeveloping our most affordable neighborhoods or raising taxes to subsidize rents.