About Josh

I love Boise and our unique lifestyle, opportunities, culture, and the great outdoors.  I moved here as a kid, graduated from Boise High, and now I treasure seeing my daughters at the same schools and enjoying the same activities I did.

Recently, I’ve seen elected leaders taking our vibrant downtown and enviable quality of life for granted, expanding government scope while failing to deliver on legitimate functions.  Politically-driven decisions without transparency have led to distrust.  Once the best place to do business in the valley, Boise is losing retail and employers to new projects in other towns.  That, combined with less affordable housing for everyone means that residents aren’t seeing an improvement in services to match their rising tax bills.

I’m a scientist and engineer, having led teams developing self-driving cars, bomb disposal robots, and protecting us from digital identity theft.  I solve problems with data and critical thinking, but I also know how to empower good people with the tools to be successful.  I try to put my money where my mouth is, supporting great organizations like Good Samaritan Home, Boise Rescue Mission, and Corpus Christi House, along with performing arts like Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Boise Bard Players, and Boise Contemporary Theater, where I serve on the board of directors.

The City Council is how residents direct our government.  Business should be performed in the open while building consensus.  City workers deserve to understand the vision and expectations of the political leadership.  The council doesn’t have to be the domain of professional bureaucrats and government specialists.  It works best when members reflect the breadth of people who live and work in Boise.

Boise is my home and I’m not leaving.  In some ways, my desire to serve is selfish.  My career is limited to our opportunities, cultural experiences to our organizations, and recreation to what we preserve.  I’m all in for Boise and ask your support in running for City Council.  It’s already the best hometown in America.  I want the best future for us, as well.

You can reach me at:

Email votejoshjohnston@gmail.com

Phone/text 208.918.1040