Frequently Asked Questions

Is Josh a Republican or a Democrat?

City Council is a non-partisan position. That said, Josh is a registered Republican.  There are no primaries and candidates do not run as a party representative.  City concerns like parks, libraries, fire, police, sewer, zoning, and land use should not be partisan issues- they are issues where Boise residents need to come together to have real discussions about what is in all of our best interest. Governments should focus on delivering efficient services and protecting individual rights and the underrepresented.  

What’s up with these Boise City Council Districts?  Which seat can I vote for?

After a new law passed by the Idaho Legislature, Boise City Council Members will each represent one district.  While all six districts are up for election this November, each resident votes only once for a candidate running in their district.  This means one of our neighbors in District 3 will sit on the council, unlike in past years when representation was concentrated from just a few neighborhoods.  You can find your district here:

I thought District 3 was in Northwest Boise?

The districts are renumbered for 2023.  District 3 now consists of the Bench and Southwest Boise.  This is the first year we vote for a councilmember from our district and they will serve 4 years.

Where does Josh live?

Josh lives in the Maple Grove area of Southwest Boise, where he has been for the past 8 years.  His kids attend school on the Depot Bench.  He works downtown.  Josh crisscrosses District 3 in every direction, every day.

Is Josh keeping his day job?

Yes, Josh will continue his work as a software executive.  City Council is a part time position.  As the mechanism for residents to direct our city government, it works best when regular members of the community choose to serve as part of their civic engagement.